Is your business struggling to stand out in a sea of competitors?

Overhaul your brand image with the: 

Business Revamp Package 

For businesses that need to upgrade their brand image. Building on what your business already has, we’ll enhance your brand's appearance and improve the look of your social media accounts.

What's included:
  • Initial business assessment and branding strategy

First, we review your existing logo, branding elements and other business collateral to determine which elements are to be updated and re-designed. We will also evaluate your business to see how it sits in the current market and identify if there are any opportunities to different your offerings from your competitors. These insights then form the basis of a new brand strategy that will assist in promoting your business’ strengths and will provide a solid strategic foundation for your business’ new brand identity.

  • Logo refresh

Your updated logo will be the new face of your business and will help your customers identify you from your competition. Keeping the integrity of your existing logo, we’ll update and enhance it to ensure that it is easily recognisable and instantly conveys your brand’s personality.


  • Brand Style Guide

Along with your logo, we’ll provide you with a Brand Style Guide that outlines some guidelines on how to use your logo and teach you how to use your logo without compromising it’s carefully considered design. This guide also covers all the new additional elements that have been created to complement your logo, such as the selection of a specific colour pallet, recommendations for font choice, details on how to achieve a consistent tone-of-voice for future marketing collateral and an overall visual approach for imagery. The Brand Style Guide will assist you in ensuring your new visual brand is consistently strong across all your marketing efforts.

  • A5 Flyer Design (single sided)

This flyer is an important first step in developing your business’ marketing collateral. It is an effective way to introduce customers to your new logo, visual branding and easily conveys an overview of your business’ offerings. Does not include the cost of printing flyers.


  • Recommendation and set up of social media pages (if required)

After analysing your business, we will recommend the two most effective social media platforms for your business and assist you in getting them up and running to optimise your online presence. 

  • Display image, header banner and bio text for social media pages

In setting up your two social media pages, we will also create the display image featuring your new logo, design a header banner to welcome people to your new page, and write an attention-grabbing bio for it. 


  • 8 content posts to start off your social media pages

To get your social media pages started, we will fill it with an initial eight posts about your business’ offerings. These posts can be boosted to become social advertisements to attract new followers for an additional cost. Does not include the cost of any photography or illustrations that may need to be purchased to create the visuals.


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