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Reach new customers with the: 

Social Media Promoter Package 

For businesses that want to increase their social media presence with active advertising. A great way to re-establish your position in the market, promote a new offering, become top-of-mind and reach new customers.

What's included
  • Initial business assessment 

First, we evaluate your business to see how it sits in the current market and to identify if there are any opportunities to different your offerings from your competitors. These insights then form the basis of a creative advertising strategy that will assist in promoting your business’ offerings in a captivating way.


  • Defining the target audience 

With a greater understanding of your business offerings, we identify who your current customers are and then develop a more specific outline of who the new advertising campaign could also target. This helps us determine which social media channels will be most effective and will ultimately influence how we promote your business’ offerings as the messaging and imagery of the social media advertisements will be specifically tailored to this defined target audience. 


  • Developing a unique selling point 

Using the insights from our initial assessment and the truths relating to your business’ products or service, we determine what the best product or service is to advertise. With your help, we decide on its most unique benefit and what sets it apart from the competition. This is an important step as it will ensure that our creative advertising campaign has a singular clear focus and will strengthen the message that we will be communicating. 


  • Generating a creative idea

Now that we have built a solid strategic approach in what we are advertising and to who, we will develop a creative idea that will best promote it. The aim of the creative idea will be to capture your customer’s attention, communicate the benefit of your product or service in a memorable manner, and ultimately direct them to find out more about your business. 

  • Creating 6 social advertisements to reach new customers

The creative idea is transformed into six individual social media advertisements - that is: a visual, description and link to a landing page. The social media advertisements are set up in the selected social media channels and will be sent to the newly defined target audience over six weeks. Does not include the cost of any photography or illustrations that may need to be purchased to create the visuals. Does not include costs to run ads on social media platforms.


  • On-going monitoring and optimisation 

The social media advertisements are observed over the 12 week period with minor adjustments made if necessary.




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