Gain more exposure with social media

Getting Social

Advertising on social media doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s all about creating content that people want to engage with. This is done by firstly identifying who your primary audience is, and then understanding the types of content they want to see. By understanding the likes, dislikes, habits and interests of your primary audience, you will be able to create content that is more interesting and relevant to them. 

Who to target

It's easy to reach just about anybody through social media, however, it is more important to reach the right people. Each social media platform has its own purpose and is used in its own specific way. For example, a person may use both Instagram and LinkedIn, however, they use each for an entirely different purpose. It’s important to tailor your message depending on who you are targeting and through which social media platform you are communicating to them through.


Creating a social media campaign

You can implement an advertising campaign through social media by firstly selecting a specific product or service that your business has to offer; identifying who your primary audience is; and determining which social media platform they are most likely to use. The social media platform you choose to advertise on will determine the types of ad formats you can utilise. Some examples include: image post, video post, link posts, carousels (image galleries) or even panoramic images. However, the choice in which ad format to use will be dependant on your advertising campaign’s idea, its objectives and the desired reaction of your primary audience.

Some of the services we provide:
  • Identifying primary audience

  • Recommendations for social platforms

  • Content creation and developing engaging ideas

  • Display image and cover image design

  • Content plan and schedule