Get noticed with strategic advertising

What’s the big idea?

An advertising campaign usually revolves around a single idea that communicates your business’ product or service. A great idea is centred around a ‘product truth’. This could be a fact or benefit that your business/product/service has to your customer over your competition. It is the one thing you want your potential customer to remember about your business after seeing your ad. 

Bringing your idea to life

It’s important to communicate your idea in a simple way that will resonate with your audience, for example: by using humour, creating empathy or providing a unique perspective. The idea is then brought to life across all types of media, including television commercials, posters, billboards, digital advertising and social media posts. Each individual piece of advertising should link back to your main idea, as this repetition will help your advertising campaign to stick in people’s minds. 


Who? What? Where?

When choosing where and how to advertise your business, it’s important to select media that your main audience will most likely see. This means clearly identifying who your potential customers are and then understanding the types of media they see, the types of advertising they are exposed to and even the types of social media platforms they use. The more knowledge you have about your customers, the greater leverage you have at creating an advertising campaign they will see. Not all media types need to be used in every advertising campaign, however, a combination of them is always recommended.

Small businesses can still have a big impact

Not all advertising campaigns need to include a television commercial or a series of billboards to be successful. A successful advertising campaign could even be an online competition that appears on Facebook to reach new customers; or a series of eDMs (emails) that tell existing customers about your business’ new product. It all comes down to having a great idea that people want to engage with and then choosing the most appropriate media types to reach your audience. 

Some of the services we provide:
  • Idea generation and concept development

  • Art direction, design and styling

  • Production and implementation

  • Print advertising, posters and outdoor ads

  • TV commercials and video content

  • Digital and social media advertising